About us

Our Vision

“Preparing disadvantage section of society for Digital Age.”

Education is a powerful tool to shape the destiny of any person. Education must prepare individual to overcome the challenges which are expected to encounter in a person’s life journey.

Our organisation conducts classes under ‘OHANA ‘ project for Disadvantage section including Orphan kids ,focusing on their livelihood opportunities. It includes Spoken English and Digital skills.

We also run free coding club (DOJO) under the banner of CoderDojo . Coder DOJO is an initiative which promotes the free learning of programming for children of the ages 7-17.  Its a worldwide movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people.

Our History

The ‘OHANA’ project is an initiative by ‘Kansey Trust’ which is an Non Governemtnal Organisation (NGO). ‘Kansey Trust ‘ is founded in Aug 2018 by an IIT alumni.

Under Project ‘OHANA’ , first online class was conducted in 2019 at Chaudhary ramganesh public school, District: Ambdekar nagar, Uttar Pradesh .

Motivated by the Students progress , Organisation expanded its reach to Orphan kids too.


1. To provide Affordable quality digital education

2. To improve Learning Outcomes and livelihood opportunity

3. To Assist the existing Education System

4. To inculcate essential life skill and confidence to be self-driven person

5. To enhance creativity and scientific temper


  1. Providing only Meaningful information

2. Focus on Practice and incentive system

3. Continuous experimentation and process improvement

4. Guided discovery method for learning

5. Focus on Peer tutoring

6. Providing Emotional support to students

7. Enhancing Self confidence by entrusting responsibility.