We appreciate you for your compassion towards poor kids. I assure you that our kids could be poor but have passion to learn and explore the world. There passion and smile drives us to do more meaningful work for them.

As a E-Guest , You will get access to the platform to observe the kids. We will mute your voice and turn off your video.You can watch the live classes. You can see their strong will power to learn, despite of frequent challenges like slow internet.

You can send send your details to info@kanseytrust.com or whatsapp message at +91-6306890430.

What people Say

Its a good effort to bring transparency to next level.

Deepthi, Social activist

Without leaving Home comfort, I can bring the change in society.

Ankur , M.tech , Virtual Teacher

Its amazing to see App , Animation , Game development by rural kids.

Panchami, Software engineer.

Preparing diasadvantage section of society for Digital Age .